Perl Weekly Challenge - Guest Contributions

Sunday, Jul 5, 2020 by Mohammad S Anwar APL, Bash, C++, Go, Haskell, Idris, Javascript, Node, Python, Postscript, Prolog, R, Ruby, Rust, HTML

As you know, “Perl Weekly Challenge”, primarily focus on Perl and Raku. During the Week #018, we received the solution to “Perl Weekly Challenge - 018” by Orestis Zekai in Python. It was a pleasant surprise to receive solution in something other than Perl and Raku. Ever since regular team members also started contributing in other languages like APL, Bash, C++, Go, Haskell, Idris, Javascript, Node, Postscript, Prolog, R, Ruby, Rust and HTML.

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[ Perl | Raku | The ] Weekly Challenge - 2020

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019 by Mohammad S Anwar Perl, Raku, C++, Python, Postscript, Rust, HTML

It has been wonderful journey so far in the year 2019. When I started the journey in March, I didn’t know it would take this shape. All credit goes to the support of Perl/Raku community in general. It would be unfair if I pick few names. You know who I am talking about anyway. Let me share the story with you all. I was working on 2 ideas at the start of the year 2019, “Perl Weekly Challenge” and “London Hack Day”.

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