How can I join the "Perl Weekly Challenge"?

You just send one line email to perlweeklychallenge@yahoo.com. However we would like you to tell us about yourself in couple of lines e.g. your preferred choice of language, how long you have been using the language, your city and country. If you could send us your recent photo then that would be great to show on the team page but not required.

When do you send the challenge?

The plan is to send weekly challenge to all subscribed team members every Monday.

Do I have to solve the challenge every week?

Not necessarily but it would be nice if you do. You can skip the challenge if you are too busy and come back the following week.

Is there going to be a winner of the "Perl Weekly Challenge"?

Every Monday, we would blog about few selected interesting solutions. For every working solution, you get 2 stars. In total you could get 8 stars by submitting your solutions to both questions in Perl5 and Perl6. If you blog about your solution and share the link with us, then you get bonus 2 stars. And if you become Mentor for a week then you get 5 stars for your efforts. If you contribute new challenge then you get 2 stars as well. There is no winner or looser.

What else can we do other than solving the weekly challenge?

You can contribute new challenges with possible solutions. Or you can enroll yourself as "Mentor" to help others in the team.

What if I am unable to solve challenge?

No worries, if you can't solve the challenge. Wait for the announcement of the winning solution, you will find out yourself. Or if you need help just request for "Mentor" and we would provide one. This is going to be private (between you and Mentor) and no one will know about it just for the assigned challenge only.

How do you want us to send the solution?

You can either email the solution to perlweeklychallenge@yahoo.com or you could blog about it and send us the link to the blog. Your solution should reach us by 6 pm the following Sunday. If you prefer, you can submit your solution as Pull Request to GitHub repository (https://github.com/manwar/perlweeklychallenge-club).

Can I pick and choose my preferred language?

Certainly you are free to choose your preferred language. In fact you can choose one language e.g. Perl5 one week, the following week you can choose Perl6.

Is the challenge going to be beginners friendly?

Of course, the motto of the "Perl Weekly Challenge" is to bring in new people to Perl(5/6) fold, at the same time there will some for experts as well.

What If I don't want to receive the challenge?

Just send us one line with your intention and we would not send you the challenge.

How about those who follows you on Twitter?

Any one who follow us on @PerlWChallenge can also take part in the challenge by sending us the solution as mentioned previously. You would also get instant news and update about the challenge.

How often you send email to the team?

In total 2 emails, one with weekly challenge and another with the weekly update. We might merge the two into one, if it's possible. You can opt-out if you want.

How can I share new ideas and suggestions with you?

Simple, just email us perlweeklychallenge@yahoo.com. We respect your views and will keep it private.

Is my email address safe with you?

There shouldn't be any doubt about it. We will never share your email address with anyone.


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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